Welcome to KosherBridal.com, your one-stop shopping for your modest bridal needs.  If you are a prospective Jewish bride, Mazal Tov (מזל טוב!ׁ) on your upcoming chasuna (wedding).

Planning for a kosher Jewish wedding is an enormous task and if Tznius is an important value to you, then you have come to the right place.  We are here to help you acquire a modest and kosher bridal gown tailored to fit you.   We offer couture (handmade to your measurements) bridal gowns, wedding dresses and accessories to meet the standards of modesty al pi Halacha.  Chazal says that Hashem created the woman to be a tzenuah and she will be praised. Your bridal gown along with the other aspects of modesty in your wedding will ensure the presence of the Shechinah on your holy occasion.

We invite you to view our growing inventory.